Instagram follows Facebook in reducing organic reach​

Organic reach in Instagram is decreasing across personal and business & creator accounts alike, and Instagram will follow in...

November 5, 2019
Colour contrast in photography

People who are new to photography go for adjusting the tonal contrast and forget about the colour contrast Here's a quick tutorial on...

November 3, 2019
A playlist for the rainy days

There are moments in life where you can’t help but feel longing for old or new friends A playlist for the rainy days will...

November 3, 2019
A proper work-life balance

We all need to make time in our lives for rest and relaxation These are some tips about keeping a healthy work-life...

November 3, 2019
10 years of photography

I'm celebrating ten years of portrait photography This is the story of how it began and how it changed through the...

November 13, 2018